mental harassment for loan recovery

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asked Jun 9, 2015 in Civil Law by md shadab
I am from Delhi, Some three months earlier I had taken loan of Rs 20,000 from a private company name as, wint in terms to repay the same after 1 months of total amount Rs 29,000/-. But unfortunately I was not been able to do and hence I have to take extension of the same till now I have extended the same for more then 3 months and my total due amount is for Rs 60000 approx. every day as the delay is going there charges are increasing. On 03.06.2015 I was having my due date that means on that date I had to transfer the same amount to them. Unintentially on the very same day my phone was lost and I had no contact to inform them. Theny have call to my number and when they found that it is temporarily out of services they started calling to my home numbers at west bengal (which I mention to them at the time of registration) where they have argue, shout, scold to my family, and even they have threat them that they will file FIR and call to our various relatives and inform them so that I can get humiliate.

First of all I thought that they have just threaten but what I found suspicious was that they have called to my Delhi Land lord on the very same day I was surprised that I haven’t provide him the number so how they have contact him. Later I found that they must have track my contact details from my phone and now they are threatening me that they will call to each and every contacts and inform them about the loan and even post the same to my FB profile. Even though I had told them to pay this huge amount is not possible for me this time kindly take the same in EMI’s but they ask me to pay the whole amount in one day. I have been in terrible dilemma what to do. What they are doing by tracking my phone records is legal. What should I do please help.

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answered Jun 19, 2015 by Bharat Sinha Experts
Dear Shadab,

Don't worry about them but you should inform police the threat that you getting. If you can not go to the police directly then inform them in writing.

They may not be having any valid license to disburse you a loan and thus they may also be fearing about being caught.

Best way is to refund their money but I would prefer to negotiate them with better term and interest rates.
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