Divorce Request from Wife

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asked Jul 7, 2015 in Divorce by yeli
Respected Sir, Iam Kumar age 29 years. Iam from Andhra Pradesh. I got married in the month of March,2014. My wife got separated from me after 1 and half month by saying she likes her elder sis's hubby and she has affair with him for the past 2 years. Later she signed on papers to file for the divorce and since then she is not staying with her parents also. Because of her affair, her parents dint accept her to stay with them. She is staying somewhere in Bangalore. Just because fault is from their side, they dint file any case on me regarding this matter. Now she is not coming to appear in the court for divorce proceedings. Its already been morethan a year. How long i can wait?? If shes not coming for 2, 3 years more?? How can i spoil my life?? Now, can i marry another girl?? If i do so, will it be a problem for me in future?? Because she dint come to us for the divorce proceedings. She is leading her life and we are suffering for her betrayal. Kindly suggest me what to do??

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answered Jul 9, 2015 by Law Helpline India Experts
You should get divorce from court first to marry again. As she is not appearing in the court, it will be one side case and it can be finalized very easily if you have good lawyer.
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