Need suggestion on Famil Property Issue of my Grand father property.

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asked Aug 9, 2015 in Civil Law by imran
My grandfather property in Thanjavur. He has 7 children’s (5 sons A,B,C,D,E,F & 2 daughters G, H(my mother)). Out of which A, B, D, E,F & H(my Mother) are no more. Only C, F & G are live.

But only A & F occupied this complete home for more no of years & still occupying.

Then In 2000 all the six children’s(A to G) excluding my mother (H) approached the local Muslim Jamath located in Thanjavur (panchayat) to involve in this issue & asked for justice to this sell the property to someone & get distribute their individual shares. But my mom doesn’t want to sell this property to someone so she has not involved in this approach in spite of so much pressure from her siblings.

But finally without my mom, they got the judgment from Jamath that they have to sell this property to anyone for Rs. 11,50,000 (in 2000 rate) & distribute the amount among them in 2(male):1(female) ratio. Then everybody excluding my mom H are agreed for this judgment & singed in the Jamath letter in front of all Jamath peoples.

As per the Judgment B,C,D,E & G are sold their shares to my Mom instead to sell some one. But now A & F share owners (my uncles) are now changed their decision & not ready to sell their shares to us and Violating the judgment.

So I need a solution for this case to proceed further & what are ways available which is favorable to me.

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