Family law on property issue and in home voilence

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asked Aug 21, 2015 in Adoption and Child Custody by anonymous
My marriage was 12 months back. Since then my mother in law and sister in law start harassing me and my parents mentally. My sister in law is married but she doesn't even stay in her husband's house. She and her husband always come to my husband house and stay there. She even consider me like a baby sitter for her 2 year old child. But I like him so much so I dont tell but do anything for him.My mother in law call every relatives and say that am bad enough to make problems in house and she told their relatives that my husband is spending all money unnecessarily and he is asking shamelessly money to her.but that is not true. Even for our marriage my husband spend all money.  She literally tries to make me and my husband a bad impression in front of all. So that I cannot even look at their faces. Am ashamed. My husband is very nice to me. He talked with mother in law many times to stop this behavior. But when ever he talks she start to argue with him also. My sister in law scolded me for being in Skype or in phone with my husband( he is in USA) . She told me that I should live how they tells me. They even throw my food if I don't eat at a particular time. After 7 months I came USA to my husband , my mother in law tried in many sentimental ways to stop my travel. She even done a fainting drama when I leave home to catch my flight in front of her relatives. But one aunt and uncle understood her actions. They told me to go anyway. But even after she call my husband and tell bad about me. But my husband tries to be silent all time to avoid problems. Still she is continuing her calls to relatives. After all when I got pregnant my husband ask his parents to come to USA for my help since my mother is physically not well. But she shouted at him. And now we are alone here to take care of a newborn. In between mother in law is trying to give all properties in the name of her daughter and she is telling the reason that their daughter and son in law is only taking care of them. So they give 80% of their properties to them. My husband is shocked and he don't know what to do , being in USA.

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