File a suit against the complainant for filing a fake case using fake evidences

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asked Oct 12, 2015 in Criminal Law by Harshit
In my case, Government Administration filed a fake FIR against me for lifetime imprisonment and sent me to jail. Suit was filed against me under Food Adulteration Act and section 7/16 were imposed on me. Also, section 272 and section 273 IPC were imposed on me.
The case went to session Judge and after court proceedings session judge ordered in my favour and set me free and also clearly mentioned in the order that the witnesses are fake and has given false statements in the court.

Now I want to take strict action against the administration and witnesses as the opposition's fake testimony and false proceedings is already proved in the session court's order.

I want that administration and witnesses should have lifetime imprisonment by filing a suit on them under section 211. I have raised a complaint also for false evidence while the case was going on to proceed with section 211 but no action was taken by the court.
Please let me know how to proceed with the same how to file a case and where to file the case against them.

It will be very helpful if you can please let me know if they can be charged under any other act and any rulings which I can use to have proceedings in my favour.

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answered Dec 5, 2015 by advocateparth
yes, you can file suit against government on malicious prosicution  case as per law of tort.
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