builder cheated by selling and registering my house(which i booked previously) to a third party

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asked Oct 16, 2015 in Property Law by anonymous
I am an NRI and I Bought a 3 BHK semi duplex house in chennai from builder in June 2013 for Rs.46 Lakhs.I decided not to avail Bank loan.Hence paid using my savings.I had paid Rs.40 Lakhs so far and told him that i would pay the remaining 6 lakhs only after UDS registration.But he kept dragging the UDS registration inspite of asking him several times.This went on around for 4 to 6 months and suddenly one day the builder absconded due to bankruptcy problems .Then we came to know the truth that he had registered my house to a third party and now that person had broken my lock and possessed my house .
As this issue is prolonging for more than 2 years,I asked the builder
saying that i dont want the house and to refund  my amount for which he
keeps dragging with some false promises and is telling me he is gonna file insolvency and i need to go and ask the person to whom he sold my house.
When I approached the that third party ,he asks me to pay the full price of the house if i need the house which  i dont want to do so.

fyi ...Now the builder's office is no more and we dont anything about his whereabouts except for his phone number...He switches off  his phone most of the time so that he cant be traced about his location.

Please advise me what are the legal steps i can take to get back my money as early as possible and how long would this issue go on if i file a legal complaint..

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