i have signed a 1 year Bond with a company on stamped paper , joining date is in november.If i don't joined company then will that be a breach of bond

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asked Oct 17, 2015 in Labour & Employment Law by Wish
edited Oct 17, 2015
Dear Sir/Madam ,

Recently i got a job offer from a IT-company in which i was asked to signed a bond for 1 year.During joining formalities i signed a bond with them on stamped paper mentioning if i leave the company before 1 year then i have to pay back 3 months salary to them as compensation.

Now i have got an other better offer from different company and am confused that weather joining the second company will be a breach of bond which i have singed.Do i really have to pay 3 months salary amount as compensation to them?

I have yet not joined the company with which i have signed the bond. My joining date is 2nd week November 2015.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,

2 Answers

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answered Nov 7, 2015 by Law Helpline India Experts

Your bond will be active only after you join the company where you have signed a bond. If your are yet to join the company then you need not worry. Just send them refusal to join the company.
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answered Dec 5, 2015 by advocateparth

in this circumtances, you does not worried about bond,

Bond shall come into force after you joined the company,

As per your above stated fact, you have not joined company yet.

therefore you will not bound by bond.
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