Unable to bear the harassment from my husband and his family i wanted to move out and stay what are the legal issues will i have

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asked Nov 18, 2015 in Divorce by Sunitha
Am married from past 10years&have a son of 8yrs.I stay with my husband & his both parents in Bangalore. I'm working and since after my marriage they have my salary, as they were very clever they took my salary in cash from me most of the times. They are harassing me physically and mentally. I gave a letter in police station but as there were only mild hurts my complaint wasn't considered seriously. My father in law is very rich he owns around 30Crore property. I had come from a poor family background. They chose me as I was working and was from a low family background. They wanted me to live literally a slave of them. Now I started protesting for their acts and not giving my salary. Since then they are torturing me mentally by so many acts. As i cant bear them any more i want to move out of this house and will stay with my parents. My husband says in that case after few years court only grants divorce as we aren't together. But i don't wan to divorce him as I dont have anyother support for me and my son. At the same time i cant live in their family. In case if court will grand the divorce when he files after few years even if am not willing , what benefit will either me or my son will have.

 Kindly tell me how can I solve this.

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answered Nov 5 by kalaskark
The law is in favour of married women. You can get luxurious monthly maintenance, share and what not. Ok.  Mob: 9686971935
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