How can I operate the bank Locker

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asked Dec 28, 2015 in Civil Law by n

 I have a locker at Indian bank . I made my father as joint holder ( because I opened it before my marriage ) . Iam continuously paying locker rent through my savings account in the same bank . My father died 2 months back . one month back when I went to the bank to deposit the death certificate of my father and operate the Locker , the bank prevented me from operating the Locker , saying that someone has sent advocate notice asking the bank to prevent me from operating the Locker . I presented the bank manager all the facts and requested him to let me operate the Locker as there are some domuments which I need urgently . 
The bank manager refused again and asked me to get court orders - or - succession certificate , because my father\\\'s other heirs had same authority as me to operate the Locker , till then I cannot operate the locker ( where i have kept all my documents and valuables for mental peace and security , Now I have lost both of them ) . Iam bering the burnt of making my father as my joint holder .
What should I do .

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