Domestic Harassment/ Abetment to suicide/ Misappropriation of retirement account

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asked Dec 28, 2015 in Adoption and Child Custody by anonymous

I am Hemanth. I live in Delhi with my family and kids far away from my old parents. 

My mother (80yrs + sharp tongue) and retired /Handicapped father (85 years) live in their home in AP. He gets pension and rents. Dad is a scholarly kind of person.

This is very unique and unfortunate situation. 

Mother gets daily emotional blackmail phone calls by my sister (lives far away in different city) for a property that is on my father's name (actually paid by me few years back) + cash. 

Mom keep on secretly sends monthly rents/ retirement amount to sister. (Huge amounts)

(Sister - Educated + Govt Employee)

Mom tortures Dad daily Extremely very very Bitter abusive words. Feeds him infested (rats eaten , bugs filled) food.  There are Lots and lots of other example of physical abuse to a handicapped senior citizen.  Pushes him so that he falls and get hurt. etc.. etc..

He consumed acid due to this torture few years back. I just came to know RECENTLY that was not regular health problem but an attempt to suicide. (Abetment)

All this is for his thumb impressions for bank withdrawal / to register plot to sister. 

Mom hardly spends Rs 1000 to 1500 per month for household use or food.  Nothing is spent  on  Fruits/ Medical services/ physical therapy etc. for Dad. Most of money simply goes to the Sister secretly. 

(Mom not educated and does not have idea or wiseness on how much she is sending. 

Total accumulates to huge amounts now. Mom does not even get reputation "GIFT TO DAUGHTER by great Mom" as this is secret activity. )  Mom does not keep / take domestic maid help as they will know the harassment secretly happening to my Dad. ( Ghar Kaa Chor, Difficult to catch. ) . 

Neighbors/ witness / Myself / Dad can not tolerate this any more. I am very very bad guy here as I arrange Dad's medical needs/ wheel chairs/ good food/ surgery / arranging care taking neighbors etc. with my money and STOP / OPPOSE these bank transactions. 

Mom was poisoned so much by sister that Mom says that she will put a police case on me and die so that i rot in jail.  What is best suggestion here?  ( FYI Sister already benefited  a LOT financially already from parents / me )

What IPC codes apply here ? 

I have few years of phone records and eye witness to this torture. Father trusts me a lot and I am the only savior to same him.

I took tons of amicable measures to prevent this . As I know more of their acts, they getting more aggressive. They know son / brother can not take severe /drastic action on them.

I want to bring these two ladies to justice and punish full extent and  provide peaceful life to my father.


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