How strong is my case? Can I still win if my husband contensts?

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asked Jan 27, 2016 in Divorce by leo

I'm married for almost 10 months now. two weeks after marriage, my husband went to US saying that he'll arrange a visa and take me ASAP.
All of a sudden, there was a delay in Visa processing and he has all the proof of applying visa for me.
However, after 2 months of mariage, due to his jobless situation and me asking few questions on phone, he lost his temper and asked me wait till situations are OK or just apply for divorce. I was shocked by his message and he consoled me through message not to worry.
In that situation, we called his parents to my house and there was a slight heated conversion between our parents. Hearing this, my husband was really angry and scolded me in a message very harshly. He said I'm neither beautiful nor intelligent nor brave enough to live a life on my own and went to an extent of abusing my relatives using a filthy word. Also, he said I should be a girl who can work and earn or be a good wife who can maintain a cordial relationship with his friends and families.

He stopped talking to me on phone saying that he can have many answers after the visa approval and he is not ready to talk things which can not be shared with everyone. (he thought that what ever he speaks is getting leaked here - In other words I'm telling everything to my parents and friends)
He didn't provide his new phone number and I had no choice rather than to sent 5 emails crying. To all those, he sent a cold reply without any consolation words. He was in a impression that I was doubting his steps taken to get me there quickly. All i did was discuss the visa options with my neighbor and asked him few questions in mail.
he did call me after 3 months of email exchanges and spoke to me for abt 2 hrs.
I stopped replying to his emails and messages from then anticipating that he would call and talk to me frequently.
he didn't call me but kept messaging me which i didn't reply. He then called me once after a month and spoke to me for abt 45 mins.

I stopped replying to his messages and a couple of phone calls after that.

after a month he says, the visa processing is nearing its end stage and asked me to start preparing for the trip.
Now, I'm depressed with his behaviour of not calling me frequently. I have a doubt how will he behave in future. I'm in deep mental anguish.
My parents and friends are supporting me and we have decided to file for divorce.
but, my husband is NOT willing for mutual consent.

Now, can I go ahead and file for divorce suit and let him contest in court? On what grounds do i qualify under the law? will i have a strong ground to contest?

can anybody here pls suggest me?

P.S. He never demanded any money from me as dowry. so it's not easy to prove that.

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