protect our self from any fraud.

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asked Feb 17, 2016 in Other by anonymous

Dear Sir,


I have needed your advice on below situation,

We (my mother and her brother had a property dispute which we fought in court and got judgment in our favor.

Property belonged to their mother (my nani)

We (my mother and her brother) fought the case together.


Please consider following points:-

  • Lawyer was appointed by her brother
  • From day one her  brother never gave full picture to my mother what is our course of action
  • Whenever we tried to contact our lawyer  directly he never attends or answered  our us properly
  • Whenever my mother requested  her brother that she want to accompany him to lawyer  he says ok but never inform and sometime always turned down the request
  •  During the case proceeding  Once /twice she was succeeded in meeting with lawyer along her brother but it seemed it was already scripted what details need to disclosed in front of her
  • Since lawyer was appointed by her brother so on that pretext that we need to show all documents to lawyer he took all original property documents.
  • We were not even kept informed when my nani handed all documents to him
  • My mother, her brother and nani went two times on hearing in court

After judgment was delivered on our favor, we did have a copy judgment, when we insisted to see the original he /our lawyer never shared.

As per judgment we need to submit court fees

Need to submit bound of approx. 1.5 cores in court

We have already submitted court fees, but after several request we still not got receipt of court fees.

Now her brother and our lawyer is insisting and putting immerse pressure on us to hand over our original property papers so they can submit them in court as security bound.

Lawyer said I myself will go and submit in court and presence of any one  is not required.

With past incident we have lost faith on both of them and now if we hand over property papers we are in fear we might lose our papers, since we are not sure he will going to submit in court or hand over to her brother.


Need advice what should be done in this situation so we can protect our self from any fraud.    




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