Collection Agencies Harrsment

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asked Mar 15, 2016 in Banking Law by anonymous
Hi My Nam is Kumar, Am currently living in chennai, i was working in dubai in the year of 2010 to 2013, i was using credit card in Dubai, due to recession i lost my job and forced to leave dubai with no option, since i left the country i was not able to make payment for credit card and became a defaulter. i use to receive payment reminders from credit card companies. Recent am getting calls from Collection Agency and they are threatening me i have a crimal case in UAE, and i have pay the money back. When i requested them to provide me with thier local Address to proceed leagally they denied and they are black mailing me that they will infrom my HR and make sure am out of my job and also they will send collection agents to my house and insult me in front of my tents and make sure i make the payment. i made the point clear that am ready pay but not the amount which they requesting. and also i want to do this payment leagally via court, collection agency is not co-operating with me an they are using absuive language over the phone and in person.

These are my Questions.

1.Dose the foreign bank have legal rights to do collection India.

2. Can we take help of a lawyer to have this matter settled in India court and make payment in india

3. What action can i take on collection agency on blackmailing and using absuive language.




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