Division of property

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asked Apr 5, 2016 in Property Law by anonymous


I have a land in my home town which I would like to sell. The issue is the land was not divided between my father and his brother ( my uncle). My father is no more and my uncle is alive. My father has 3 children including me and my uncle has 5 children. One of my sister and her husband is dead but have 2 children of their own. Now my uncle is saying that money after selling the land has to be divided into 10 equal parts ( 5 of his children plus my sister plus myself and two children of my sister who died). I am of opinion that the money after selling the land should be divided into two part , his part goes to his five children and my part I share with my sisters ( my niece and nephew get share of their mother  divided) 
Please help me as my uncle is hel bent on dividing the money after selling the land into 10. Please note legally he's not authorized to sell it without my signature,

Please note - My father has 1son , 1 daughter (alive), 1 daughter (dead but has 2 children)

My uncle has - 1 son and 4 daughters

This property is in bihar

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