legal advise on Work of LDC

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asked Apr 12, 2016 in Other by vikas
Dear Sir,

I am clerk(LDC) in a power Company (Govt.)  and from 31 Dec 2014, i was given work of establishment section in my office and now some old issues(2008 to 2013) are came forward to me and that cannot be solved by me alone and it requires lots of time money and skills too so I many times request my seniors and section incharge and Section officer and my Office in charge (HOD of my office) to help me out in this matter but every try goes in vain. then I putup Office U.O. Note to my section Incharge about all the above old matters came to me and want /ask solutions / guidance/guidelines/action on it, After that U.O. note he ( my section Incharge) forwarded to Section officer and section officer forwarded it to Officer in charge (HOD of my office), then U.O. note is returned to my section incharge by Officer in charge (HOD of my office) saying that " i will not sign on it and i will not give any instruction on writing on this old Income Tax matter and i had orally instructed UDC (upper division clerk)  of this office who was dealing with this matter previously (Prior to me)."  Now every day my Officer in charge (HOD of my office) ask me about it and told me that "i will deduct salary if this above matter will not be solved by you, your section incharge and UDC (upper division clerk)  of this office who was dealing with this matter previously (Prior to me) and your establishment section workers". I am very much upset since , no body help me and nothing is doing by anybody in this matter. Income tax department notice is unresolved and what will consequence of this ?  please suggest anything to overcome from it. I am in depression.

please help me sir please.

Vikas Soni

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