Wife's Right On Husband's Property After His Death In India

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asked Apr 25, 2016 in Property Law by Neeta
What is Wife's Right On Husband's Property After His Death while my son is major?

Let me tell you about me first. I was married  30 years ago and my husband was a businessman that did not have much earning and at last he expired 2 years ago. Now, brothers of my husband do not want to give me proper share in the ancestor property.

They are saying that they transfer the property in my sons name after he complete his study. They are not supporting my son's education properly so I want separate property for me.

What is legal remedy available for me on this.



1 Answer

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answered May 26, 2016 by cvjadhav Experts
Dear Madam, if your husband having ancestral property, you have to file civil suit for partition before the jurisdictional civil court, you have every right to get your husband's share of the ancestral property... and also you are represented by your minor son also. ....if you want more advice in this regard, kindly send details to my email ID, I will advice for paid service... best of luck... kindly Voteup button... it will be token of appreciation... by Chandrashekhar Vithal Jadhav, Advocate & Legal Consultant, Bangalore.
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