Time limit to challenge plot allotment

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asked Jun 10, 2016 in Property Law by Shyam
Property matter
If A woman became member of a house building co-op society in 1968 and allotted a plot of 187 sq yds in 1981 which was gifted to daughter in 1984 who constructed a house in 1990 thereupon and staying till date and has got it converted into freehold about 20 years back. Can another daughter challenge A's membership on the ground that his father (A's husband )owned a house in 1968 in Shahdara, which information was concealed while taking membership of the house building society in Delhi in her mother's name.The plot was allotted in 1981 through perpetual sub lease deed subsequent to husband's death in 1978 and wife was entitled to only 35 sq yds as a legal heir. The property is located in Delhi. Please clarify with regard to Limitation Act. Another daughter has now filed a prayer in the court that since the information had been concealed, the plot allotmemt should be cancelled and in case the allotment is treated as valid, she should be given a share as it was purchased with father's money, the mother being housewife had no source of income. Can the suit be maintained and what is the legal status of the donee in view of the aforesaid. The donor has also died in 2005

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