Right's on Grand Paa's Property which is already signed to Uncle by father without any condition....?

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asked Jul 8 in Property Law by anonymous
Respected Sir / Madam,


I am Sandeep, aged about 36 yrs, yet single, physically handicapped by birth with cerebral palsy, living in Bengaluru with family members in my father’s own house, self-employed with small general shop.


Our father has signed our Grand Paa’s house in village to our Uncle’s (father’s younger brother) as he demanded or don’t know what happen. He signed without discussing family / us & without any condition or any other return demand. If we questioned my father, he says thinking we may are not go there and stay as are living in the city for always. But ofcourse we need to go there when situation comes with full rights as it is near to our House God (Kula Deva) and also sentimental attachments.


Actually in our village we have fields of 2.5 Acres out of 5 Acres & 5 Acres out of 10 Acres in our father’s name which was divided before leave the rest to our Uncle. But we are not getting anything from their and also not allowed do anything there because of my Uncle who was unemployee for long time with his family living in our Grand Paa’s house which is not yet divided. And now recently he took sign from my father without knowing to us make that house on his name and he secured his son who is normal to earn. May next he plan to make our field to be his as he thinks we are happy living in city.


Our mother has emotional feelings on our Grand Paa’s house as served and took care of our Grand Maa at the end of her life where our Uncle & his wife didn’t. But our father didn’t give importance for our emotional value.


Now our father is retired. My younger brother is working in software company and live here in our father constructed house after his marriage. My small business also not going well and I am dependent as I am physically handicapped by birth. May be our father’s foolishness under our Uncle’s... If the situation comes where I may close my small shop and go to live in our village for field, is the house will not be our Grand Paa’s and have no rights to stay there for us as its ours.


If this is the situation or condition please suggest or advice what to do the next in legal to get house property or else some part of the field of our Uncle’s instead.. Also our father says that we have full right rights to ask Grand Paa’s Properties but not his earned properties. So please clarify with advice as soon before…….   


Thank you,


With Regards

Sandeep B

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