Illegal allegations against me by fellow teachers and my students

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asked Sep 7 in Other by Vaibhav Porwal
Sir I am a government teacher in district near Bhopal of M.P. . Sir in resent days I have been going through badly torture by the my fellow teachers and my students. The reason is that I have posted last year in the school and there are some teachers who has posted earlier then me in that school. Now the M.P. government had put a new policy of transferring a teacher who had posted in that place previously in that school. So what happen sir one women teacher of the school names come in the list and now she will have to go because according to that policy her name was announced in the surplus teacher list and according to that policy there is one extra teacher in the school which have to transfer from school to other place. But then she start making planing to remove me from school by her cheap tactics . After that day she starts misguiding students against ,tell them to call be papu or somewhat other humiliating terms. And ahead to that what she start doing is to put up a false allegations against like sleeping in school, harrasing girl students and she also had team up with some local residents of the village as she had posted in that school very much before. Sir I was completely heart by what is going and I am also fearing that sir what if she put up a false allegations against in police station because all the students and teacher of that school is with her. Sir I had complain this thing with all places like DEO office, Collectrate office and at police station but sir nothing had happened .Now sir what the lady teacher had done it  that he had sign up a whole school children sign against to remove me from the school. Sir I am very much in fearful stage sir please suggest me what I have to do to overcome this problem.....


MY MOB NUM IS 9584130345

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