Contempt of Court.

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asked Oct 14 in Maintenance and Alimony by RKK
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We got divorced 3 years back. We have 2 daughters, custody is with their mother with full right for me to visit them or take them on holiday with prior intimation.

I gave her a one time alimony + maintenance. Let's say INR 25 was given. In the Divorce decree it clearly says that she will have to deposit INR 9 for each kid as a Fixed deposit and use the interest for the kids and INR 7 is for her. So 9+9+7=25.

Now she started asking for monitory help and wanted to get back with me after 3 years of divorce and I said NO. This made her angry and she is now not letting me talk to my kids. She is forcing them to leave rude messages to me on WhatsApp and say that they don't want to meet me etc.

She has told me few months back that she has spend more than half the money of what I gave her and so she needs my help with kids expenses.

Till date she hasn't given me any proof of the FDs she has made in a nationalized bank in the name of my kids.

What if she has not made those FDs for kids hoping that she will always be able to milk me for money!

Can I get custody of my kids or can I get her arrested if I file a case against her as she is not letting me meet my kids?

Please advice.

Many Thanks.

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