I want to take divorce from my wife

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asked Mar 14, 2015 in Divorce by Aditya K Modi
I was married in 2006 and we lived happily since then but one year back my mother in law entered into our life and destroyed everything.

Now, I want to take divorce and same is with my wife. But nobody wants to initiate this. May I know what the disadvantages of initiating the divorce are? Should I initiate or should I wait for some time so that my wife initiates it.

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answered Mar 16, 2015 by shivendra
Dear Aditya Ji,

This is the real problem that India is facing now. The families has become nuclear and nobody wants tolerate the interference by anybody but generation gap is forcing people to get attached but things change most of the time drastically.

First of all, I would suggest reconciling both of you if possible. Because, breaking is very easy but everyone suffers in this process. Try more number of times for this as it is the best solution. Consult other who are near to your in-laws family and try to convince them so that a mutual understanding can be attained. It is like war between nations where none wins in real terms. Both sides there are death of people (army as well general public).

If everything fails then I would suggest you to go for mutual consent to divorce as it will reduce the pain both of you will get in courts and in the hand lawyers. Money obviously will be lost by both sides in addition to time.
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