I am living separately but not getting maintenance for my husband

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asked Mar 14, 2015 in Maintenance and Alimony by Neeta Guliyani

I am living separately from my husband but not getting maintenance. I am not yet divorced and the process is yet to start. I am living with my parents and they are in financial crunch so there is a problem.

My husband is not giving any money to me and he says that I should earn myself as I am educated well. He says you were doing decent job prior to marriage and so you can do it now also.

What should I do now as I am not able to get job with such long gap?

Neeta Guliyani

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answered Mar 16, 2015 by shivendra
Dear Neeta Ji,

You need not worry about this as law has lot provision for such things. You will certainly get justice as now; in India law has taken its course to provide justice to needy and poor people.

First of all you need to file a suit in the court through some lawyer who has proper knowledge of this type of law. Then the lawyer will guide in filing the case against your husband in getting maintenance.

Since, you have not earned at present and you were not in job for last many years and thus you get a decision in your favor. This is the most probable possibility. But there are certain chances that you may not get what you desire due to some real and fabricated facts may be presented by the lawyer of your husband.

So, you should be for the all types of consequences that may happen.
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