land boundary demarcation dispute with neighbor

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asked Nov 9 in Property Law by Aditya Saha
Sir, I am from west bengal and we have a road side(NH-102) property in gram panchayat area . We have dispute with neighbor with boundary demarcation for last 25 years.They had constructed some tenant room on that disputed land (we think this is under our property based on the local surveyors view) almost 20 years ago ,my grand paa protested that time but failed for their political influence . We had taken initiative to solve this issue by calling local surveyor for at least 10 times during 20 years , but  we unable to resolve this issue because our surveyor is saying the disputed part of land is under our property and their surveyors is saying completely vice versa (because of his political identity).  Now ,the  "rowdy neighbor" is extending those tenant room and  trying to grab that "so called disputed " almost 1.5 kattha land by using his political influnce cause he is also a member of local panchayat by mistake. He is trying to reconcile this issue by "salisi sabha " but, I completely rejected his argument by saying " I wanna settlement this issue by Indian judicial system ".
Sir, now I am seeking some preliminary legal advice by a lawyer.
Can I approach a govt. register surveyors ??  if yes then what is the process or I should go through the legal process , please give me some advice .
sorry,to use lots of parentheses to describe the matter properly.Thanks in advance.

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