By which way myself can stop my dad selling property

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asked May 11, 2015 in Adoption and Child Custody by anonymous
Dear sir / ma'am

                       I am 25 years old, I have got 2 brothers who are 20 and 21 years and 1 sister who is 27 and just got married 2 years before. No one in my village is ready to help or to give any advice. I would be great full to you if you give me some good advice. Since my childhood onwards my dad was treating very badly, toucharing, punishing, and beating like animals. Every time when my Daddy was beating my mother and us we use to run to save our life sometimes even late night at around 1 or 2 O'clock. Everyone was scared of him because he was threatening us and the villagers, with long knife and axe. He never ever allowed to enjoy any feast or live happily. After his beating and all somehow we use to escape from home and hide at my Grandmother’s home or aunties home but after sometime a month or two, he was taking us back to home and if we said no to him then again he use to bit us . Sometimes my granny use to take us back home and sometimes elderly people in the village too assuring us that he will not give trouble now. Like this it was going for long 15 to 20 years. Sometimes he was also burning our books and was not allowing going to school. and last time when he bet my younger brother that was terrible thing I ever saw in my life, it is long story but I just want to tell you in short my dad bet my brother mercilessly and wanted to remove his eyes and kicked him so badly that he removed his tongue out and was unconscious for 2 days fully solon and was admitted in the hospital for 3-5 days. Even after that I myself took my mummy and brothers home though they were not willing to go, I just wanted to give my Dad a last Chance to change but He was thretheaning to kill us. My sister did not come with us to stay in the house because she knew what kind of man Dad is. Within a week again he started beating. And one day he even bet and giving bad words to my uncle on a public place. In 2010 we flee from our hose and stayed in a ashram for 2 to 3 months after that we started staying in a rented room for another 8 to 10 months. Here in the village my dad started selling our property. The people who were telling to kill my dad with a poison were the people started buying land from him. Almost 5 houses are built on that land. The very property is on my dad's name which is sold there is one more house where we were staying and now where my dad is staying. Even this house he wants to sell. For this he came to ask for signature from us but we refuse to give. For the very reason he again came with knife and threatened us to sign but we defended him .now we have come back to our village. We bought our own land and staying almost 3 years, we are separated from him. Some days before some of my villagers told me that your dad has made a Stamp paper in which he has written that my wife and children are separated since 3 years, so they are not eligible to any share of my property. There is one more room and some place around it of my grandparents which is given to me but there is no any will or any written document of my grandparents but all my uncles and aunties knows that that plot of land is given to me.

My question to you is that

1) Do we have a right to demand for the share of the property which is being sold my father in our absence (which was owned after marriage of my parents)?

2) Is there any way where I can get the property which given to me by my grandparents (which is currently on rent to some people by my dad)?

3) Do we have right to get some share of the house where (we were) and My Dad is staying currently? And how?

4) How can we ask protection against violation?

 5) Can my mother ask for monthly financial aid after separation?

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